Thursday, June 27, 2013

New stuff!

A piece I'm working on for next week's "Case of the Mondays".

I also started scanning pages from sketchbooks for my next art book that will be available this October.  More details to come soon!  This was also the first sketch for the character you see above.

And I posted this one over at the Case of the Mondays Tumblr earlier this week.  I LOVE Cory Loftis' work and this as you can tell was inspired by his stuff.   Just wanted to share it here!


Gillibean said...

This is so fantastic Justin! It reminds me of Cory Loftis' work!

Gio M. said...

your a rock star J-Rod.. Really digging that Cory Loftis color style on the bottom..If I may inquire about which brush are you using good sir..I would really like to give one of my characters the same treatment..You've inspired me.

Ken said...

Noice! Keep em coming!

Justin Rodrigues said...

Gillian: Thank you so much. I was definitely inspired by Cory Loftis on that last one!

Gio: Thank you my man! That means a lot coming from you. I'll try and e-mail you about the brush I used.

Ken: Thank you man!

Mel Milton said...

yer one bad mutha!

lincoln said...

genius stuff Justin!!!