Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another environment?! EDIT!

Taking the advise of my buddy Todd Harris I have gone in and edited this image.  I thought about just uploading the new one and deleting the old one but I thought you may benefit from seeing my mistakes.  I wasn't getting the depth I wanted and when Todd was so gracious to do a quick paint over his corrections addressed this issue.  As you can see the top image is the new one and the bottom is the old one.  I've darkened the foreground and desaturated that red mountain.  It was too saturated flattening the image. 

I'm sure there are more issues with this but this was a quick fix and thought i would share. 
Brett killed it this week.

Also, I'm choosing a winner tonight.  Stay tooned!


Wayne B. Medina said...

Looking good bro! Yeah I'm practicing doing environments right now. Bangin out some good stuff man!

Emerson Fialho said...

Ficou incrível, parabéns!

Letícia said...

This is so awesome!! I wish I could do environments like thiss

C.Deboda said...

Good call by Mr. Harris. And yeah, I do that all the time! I'm always updating older posts with revised versions (and no mention about it). ;P

Amy Kim said...

That tumblrs a great way to really help each other out. I have the same issues with environments... It can lack depth but can be remedied very easily (squint to check the values). Overall doing environments scare the hell outta me but it's something we can all practice lol!

Thanks for posting the before and after, even with the minor changes it makes a huge difference and looks great!

Jason Pruett said...

Todd Harris knows what's up. . . That did help . . and I'm taking notes, too. . . thanks for sharing. Sweet work, as always.