Friday, December 02, 2011

Almost to 200 Followers!

So I'm almost to 200 followers and I think it's time for a celebration.  When I hit 200 I'll be giving away some original artwork!  So let's hope I hit 200 and when/if I do stay tooned because shortly after that i'll have a little give away. 

This guy was for a class assignment for Erik Martin's digital painting class.  We were supposed to use a textures to design and paint a creature for a live action feature film.  This is not even close to being in my comfort zone but i'm pretty happy with it.  There are some glaring issues that i'm just now seeing but ah well.  I'll fix it later.

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!


George Bletsis said...

Congrats man, nearly 200 followers is loads!
That's one mean looking guy, I like the texture of the plates around the eyes. I'm sure you're fully aware, but the scale texture is flattening him out at the moment - maybe fading it to some degree when it enters shadow would help turn the forms somewhat. Also try varying the size of the scales, with smaller ones protecting areas that need to be a little more bendable (around eyes, mouth etc.)

Justin Rodrigues said...

thanks george! I totally hear you, I think I'll go in and make the shadow areas more opaque. Working with textures is tough. I feel like i don't have all the control i would like. Thanks for the feedback man!

Marcos B. Alvarado said...

I really like this design!...looks the monster from the black lagoon on steroids! :)