Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Trying something new again!

So I decided to try my hand at some compostion, environmental design, and digital painting all in fell swoop.  I'm pretty happy with the way these came out seeing as how i did them all in one night and this was my first real go at it.  

"Framed Ink" by the amazing Marcos Mateu was a huge help.  I would highly recommend buying this book. If you click the title in this post it will take you to the Amazon page.  AWESOME!

As always, let me know what you think!


C.Deboda said...

Nice comps! Keep experimenting with these. If you're going to continue with these graphic type environments, one minor idea I would suggest (if you haven't considered it already) is to utilize the lasso and pen tools a bit more to get that nice clean crisp edges. Might also want to pop the accent highlights a tad as well.

Looking good overall and great to see you trying new things. :)

The Ivanator said...

really really cool comps! Loving the colors. Some of the images from Marcos looks really sick.

If I can throw my two cents the only suggestions I have is you can push your perspective into a 3-point, where the castle can look really menacing. And so on the second image, you can shows how deep the cave is. I'd push that perspective like crazy cus you got some really nice setup.

Another one that I think is pretty minor, the last image, I like the tree trunks placements; gives us a perception of depth. The right one looks right, the closest to us, looks right in the right place, I'd suggest placing the left one in between the middle trunk and the foreground trunk. So imagine you'd have layers such as: the sky, the trees, swamp, trunk (middle) 1, trunk (left) 2, and trunk (right) 3.

Very cool brah

Pablo said...

Justin these are coming out great. For trying out some new things you really have a great feel for these environment studies. Look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

Brad said...

man these are awesome! they all have such great mood!

Justin Rodrigues said...

Chris: Thanks for the tips man. Im just trying to be like you really.

Ivan: Thank you for the tips as well. Totally get what you are saying. i'll try another pass.

Pablo: Thanks for the kind words as always.

Brad: Thanks Mood is exactly what i was going for. i always see these great moody images and thought i would try for the same!

lincoln said...

They look great and the tips are spot on—you're on the path I'll be on soon and Marcos is ridiculous with his book. Just an amazing resource! Have you every seen any of Roger Dean's paintings? i think alot of today's concept art pulls from him...