Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Well I want to thank everyone who stops by my blog as I have finally reached 100 followers.  I started this blog quite a while ago and have grown TREMENDOUSLY since.  What keeps me wanting to post and striving to do better is everyone who comes by and leaves encouraging words and constructive critiques.  So thank you again for all your support.  I hope that VERY soon someone will finally give me that break i've been looking for and all this hard work will pay off.

As for this guy, he actually started off as a warm up sketch and I kept noodling away at him and played with some markers and i think he actually came out pretty awesome. So as always let me know what you think!

Also I will be attending CTN-X animation expo this year and would love to meet some of you in person.  So if you are planning on attending shoot me an e-mail and we can make plans to meet up or something.  I will probably post an actual picture of me before hand so you can find me if you wish. 


Wayne B. Medina said...

Congrats my brotha!!!!! It's been cool to see you grow from the time I found about your great art.

love this sketch dude, love it!!! the shape and feel.

I'm afraid I won't be attending this year to CTN. yeah my heart's breakin while I type this. arrrghhhhg!!!! One day I will meet you

Matt Doering said...

The bicep is GIGANTIC! I do NOT want to arm wrestle this guy XD. Awesome drawing! Great line of action. This would be a really fun character to see an animation test of. I'm curious to see how he would move.

CTN, WOOT! I'm going! It's going to be awesome. I'll send you an e-mail.

TJ Lubrano said...

Congrats on the 100 followers!!! Just keep posting and you will gain a lot more :D!

Very cool sketch! Nice line work and pose!!

I have to make it to the States first before I run around at CTN type of events hehe. Have all the fun and who knows maybe we'll meet one day!

Derek Leigh said...

Your stuff looks incredible, a style I am very fond of. I have had the workings of a graphic novel script in my brain for a couple of years now. If I ever get a publisher to bite, I will give you a call. You are very talented.

Justin Rodrigues said...

Wayne: Thanks for the love man! Bummer you aren't going but you're right, one day we will meet

Matt: Thanks a lot man! Yeah this dude works out for sure. Yeah hit me up and let me know when you'll be there.

TJ: You should come to the States. Its pretty awesome. Thanks for the kind words.

Derek: Thanks a lot! Let me know when you get that script done. I'll take a stab at it.

Brad said...

congrats! this is an awesome sketch to celebrate the occasion! he is a killer design!

Denny said...

Congratulations! People likes to see inspiration art and i'm sure you will have much more followers. (Sorry, my english is not so good)

lincoln said...

Excellent design! What's his back story?

Abz said...

Congrats buddy! My goal is 200 before the new year! lol... hard work should...and i guess always does pay off! we will wait and see -- for both of us!

Anthony Price said...

Word! You should have 100 followers bro! Keep the drawings coming! I got about 92 before I hit that landmark LOL!

Melina said...

Hey,I JUST saw your blog,and you really deserve all those followers!Seriously,I really admire your art.Keep up with it!

Javier M. said...

Lookin Good Justin!

Pablo said...

Congrats Justin! Love the character design a lot! Keep firing these bad boys out!! Here's to another 100 followers coming your way.

Justin Rodrigues said...

Brad: Thanks man. He is a happy accident.

Denny: Thanks for the kind words and support!

Lincoln: I imagined this dude as an atlantean warrior. Instead of making him more human i went the fish route. Glad you dig it.

Abz: I'm sure you'll hit that goal. Guess i have some work to do to catch up!

Anthony: Thanks man POST MORE!

Melina: Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. glad you like my blog!

Javier: Thanks dude!

Pablo: Thanks for all the kind words as always man. glad you like him, Ive got a lot more coming!

l e d o said...

100 followers is pretty cool!
I love your drawings BTW, digging your sea creature (assuming he lives in the sea of course)