Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gesture Drawing with Mark Mcdonnell


finally putting up some stuff from the gesture drawing class with Mark Mcdonnell.  I can't beleive how much i have grown after only four weeks. 

These are three minute poses after week three. 

Still trying to scan the most recent stuff.  Let me know what you think!


Dennis Cornetta said...

Great energy in these sketches, man. You really nailed it.

Cheeks said...

It was a pleasure to meet ya a couple weeks back. What a small world, man. HAHAHA Thank you for your kind words, too.

That being said...these are great gestures, Justin! Keep em' coming!

B Roy said...

Love the new feel in your blog. The gestures are really loose...I could look at this kind of drawing all day so keep'em coming.

cdeboda said...

This class looks like a lotta fun! I'm jealous. -__-

BROCASSO said...

These are off the chain!

Pablo said...

Hey Justin! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate it. Man these are fantastic gestures. I would love to take Marks class one day. I'm a So. Cal guy and hopefully so I can join in on the fun. Very fun lines.

Ken said...

Lovely drawings mate

"TORI CAT" said...

WOW!!! love your work man!!
These gesture drawings are sooo nice. Mark Mcdonnell is a legend. I imagine he is so inspiring to work with.
i love the sketches of the old lady with the red jacket too. Just by adding a splash of vibrant colour helps really bring the drawing to life.
Love your style dude!! I'm glad i stumbled across your blog... Great find! :)
I'll make sure to stop by again soon!! :)