Monday, February 13, 2006

It's been awhile

A few older images just to put something up. Look out for some new Steve Silver exercises if i ever actually scan them in. Thanks for looking.


St John Street said...

Hey bro thanks for the comment most definately appreciated bro I'd love to going looking for work with u just 1 prob I'm in Toronto Canada so I don't know how it would work hit me back if u have some idea or whatever if u just want to talk more

St John Street said...

ps the work looks great keep it up !!!

St John Street said...

thanks 4 the kind words and support bro love this stuff keep it hot

Hans said...

Hey Justin,

Thanks for stopping by:)
....and I have the upmost respect for awesome character designers! Love the big soldier guy. I'll be back soon to check for new posts.

Take care,


Alessandro_PPG said...

Very! Very! Wonderful! Great sketches! Very good illustration! Congratulation!